Thursday, March 17, 2011



cehceh,, tajuk enty x leyh blahh,, hehehe (ske arr blog aku an )
agagaga,, actually na cte ni.. aku kne wt improm2 speech utk public speaking aku
tajuk dye 'ghost i would like to meet' hehe ( mencabar an tajuk dye)
ok2,, 1st aku na ckp sorry sbb this will be fully in english yelah name pon
public skipping err maksud aku speaking,, hehe ok2, bce pat ape yg na bebel ptg ni..

Do you ever actually believe in supernatural ? or in other word is ghost ?? raise your hand if you believe in ghost,, F or me i really do hope there is an afterlife. I've seen a ghost before at my age around 9 to 10 years but after that i've never seen it again but i've heard strange noises like footsteps ang breathing, i had a pair of slipper socks fly out of my pocket to land in the sink and have had dreams where my grandparents come back to talk to me. Besides most of the houses i lives had some freaky things happen like door opening and shutting by themselves, and a radio which would turn itself on on at full blast even when unplugged at the wall. I do love a touch of a ghost hunting but i have to admit to never hearing about Princess Diana or Hitler haunting places. Hmmmm i wonder where would that be ? im so curious... You would think they would be good candidates for some afterlife or paranormal activity, wouldnt you?? Anyway, if i could meet the spirit of my choice i think i would pick two who are Albert Einstein and Elvis. What about you??do you believe in afterlife? And if you had a chance to meet a ghost what ghost you would like to meet the most ??? THANK YOU..
haaa... amacam ?? seram x?? hahaha
aku rase an cm pendek sgt la,,, yela nak kene membebel kt depan 2 dalam 3 minit,,
haaa,, cmpur ngn nebes aku ag mesti la aku bace cm kene kejar anjing an.. dalam 1 min da bole abes da aku rase haha,, abes ag 2 min uh na campak mane ? tpacak je tyg muke comel bole ? hahaha kenyit mata sikit kt lecturer mesti dapat markah lebih,, puuiii dapat plaakk ! haha
k la pape pon wish me luck taw utk petang ni,, adiooossss...

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